Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE - Need You

Not to go all Most Interesting Man in the World on ya, but we don’t normally write about EDM songs here at Bitcandy, but when we do, they’re absolute bangers. “Need You” by Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE meets all of the requirements and then some for "EDM Songs We Write About." Adding the typically great Mad Decent music video to the mix certainly didn’t hurt matters either.

My first impression of “Need You” was that it sounded like a Shaggy-inspired take on Moby’s Play. There are some serious ambient and soul depths being plumbed here. They fit in perfectly right aside the dark house beats the respective DJs have mixed in. What this song does that so many EDM cuts fail to do is actually be a song. In a genre that tends to be all about the build and drop, with little to no attention paid to everything else, this a refreshing change of pace. There’s purpose and movement here, as well as a sonic trajectory that suggests this song can be listened to by people who aren’t tripping balls. EDM could use a lot more songs like this to improve its legitimacy.

And now, to the video. Directed by Jack Wagner (no, not that Jack Wagner), “Need You” introduces us to Francis’ alter ego DJ Darren, who looks like the type of guy who takes his fashion cues from Guy Ferrari and John Daley. Darren does "birthdays, weddings, Quinceaneras, corporate event, block parties, and youth retreats." I’ll just say the video is one such event gone tragically wrong or tragically right depending on your point of view. That’s all I will say, because you really need to watch this.

Video is kinda NSFW. So proceed with caution.



You can pick up “Need You” over at iTunes.


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