FMLYBND - Euphoria

Indie twee rockers and Bitcandy favorite FMLYBND have been releasing a new song each month this year. Their latest offering, “Euphoria,” is one of the best tracks we’ve heard in 2015.

Unlike, well, every FMLYBND track I can remember to date, “Euphoria” features Braelyn Montgomery on lead vocals as opposed to harmonizing in the background. Her husband (now you know why they’re called Family Band) Mac Montgomery usually takes the reins, but he finds a backseat here as the band finds yet another layer to add to their constantly expanding sound.

This synth-driven power pop number perfectly captures the feelings of, you guessed it, euphoria that comes from those rare, epic all-nighters where you end up watching the sun rise with someone else.

“The world’s just waking up, but we’re still having fun,” Braelyn sings on the hook. I remember that feeling.

Fuck I got to get back there.



You can download “Euphoria” absolutely free on the above widget-thingy. FMLYBND is touring the US and Canada this spring. See Facebook for show info.


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