Grynpyret - Kites

Like exquisite light up jewelry, internet cat gifs, and Britney Spear’s trajectory, “Kites” by Swedish producer Grynpyret is a classic! Yes, a classic track whose sound captures some of the best memories as a kid. You that of running through the trailer park and flying a kite and it getting caught on the electrical wires (If this doesn’t apply to you, then you definitely missed out on some good memories).

What I’m trying to say is that “Kites” is a hot mess of a track that for a quick 3 minutes makes you feel like a kid again. Carefree, fearless, and innocent to a degree with an uplifting airy style that that makes life feel simple and fun.



For those uneducated on the producer, he’s part of Soda Island Collective, creating sounds that most of us would never have the ability to create because we’re too busy trying to figure out this adulting thing. So, if you need a little inspiration/distraction cruise on over to Twitter for an entertaining look into the brain of Hamps a.k.a Grynpyret. And yes, that kid running through the trailer park at the beginning of this post was me, and yes, kite’s lives were lost.


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