Henry Green’s style is completely his own and as time has shown, he remains consistent in the realm where minimalism crosses over with RnB. This quality has taken him from one of electro-pop’s hidden gems to a name that will not be shy to anyone’s lips. As part of his upcoming EP REAL, Green releases a dizzying tune that will get people excited about taking a step back and diving into an intimate space where soft sultry beats serve as a safety blanket from the feeling of vulnerability that may be felt throughout “More Than This.”

The British native spoke about the meaning behind “More Than This,” “It’s about breaking routine, reconnecting as human beings and living with freedom. I think we’re occasionally guilty of sticking to the script too intently and I just wanted to write about running in a different direction – moving in a different way.” While we digest the meaning behind the words allow your soul to fully penetrate in the seductive piece below.



For more soul searching/ emotion pushing songs check out Green’s moving style on SoundCloud and be sure to keep an eye out for the relasease of his new EP Real, set to release on February 10th, via Akira Records.


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