Juicy J - For Everybody

Rappers are quick to call sexually promiscuous women hoes and sluts, but never really turn that critical eye onto themselves when they continually hook up with all these, well, hoes and sluts. I was thinking about this as I listened to Juicy J’s cool new song, “For Everybody.” The song’s title comes from the idea that some girls are literally for everybody because of how much they ‘get around,’ although neither he nor Wiz Khalifa touch on the fact that ‘everybody’ is themselves and a bunch of other rappers.

Does this lack of self-awareness make the beat from R. City bang less hard? No. Does it make J and Wiz’ verses less inspired and humorous? No. But it would be nice to hear a rapper opine, just once, that they’re kinda of a slutty too. Or maybe a whole rap song about how slut is just a word used to control women. Is that too much to ask for? Probably.

Wiz’s verse on this song is getting the most attention, mainly because it’s an obvious dis track to Amber Rose. “Man, I fell in love with a stripper/ Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker,” is his opening line and he doesn’t let up from there. Both he and J sound rejuvenated here, probably because both of them have recently been played. Here’s to hoping some more floozies get the better of them so we get additional inspired tracks like this one.



“For Everybody” is available now. Pick it up over on iTunes and then come back here to read the lyrics:

it's a lot been going on mane
know what i'm sayin'?
time for me to address this shit
tired of hearing about it
let's go, yeah

(these hoes) they for everybody
pass them all around, they at every party
they ain't gon be loyal, not for anybody
still i love these hoes
(these hoes) they for everybody
oh, that was your girl? oops, i'm sorry
don't bring her around, this just too much money
yeah i love these hoes

she's a superfreak, superfreak
met her in liv last week
she was in there with meek
in vip, then she left with me
she said she fuck with breezy
do i wanna keep it? nah, that ho too sleazy
now she fuck with jeezy
don't believe me? the shit's all over tv
now she work the pole, but you ain't know
that's how she make her dough
seen her in new york
she was all throwed, forgot we met before
she say she fuck with drake
i ain't surprised, all these hoes fucking with drake
i asked why she out this way
said she on a date, then she left with trey
when will niggas learn?
hoes like a doorknob, everybody gets a turn
chicks be so high-class on the internet
but don't got shit she earned
she got that bag from juicy j
she got that ass from rudy gay
now your silly ass down on one knee
fuck man, is you cray?


man, i fell in love with a stripper
funny thing is i fell back out of love quicker
they don't pay attention to love anyway
they only concerned with what the haters say
bottles be turnin these girls into thots
instagram turnin these wifes into hoes
no real life they just readin the comments
mess with a real one and get you exposed
i had a time when my mine was caught up
my niggas was lookin like what is he on
my family was too scared to talk to a nigga
ain't comin back now the case just got closed
she do what she told
sharin' is carin' that pussy ain't gold
sorry you ain't in control
you all about that money, thats shit that i throw
just make sure you clean off that pole
they turn on the tv and get on the gram
and say that's relationship goals
trust me don't save em' anything goes with...


stop cuffing my nigga, is you the police?
is you the police? is you the police?
why you cuffin' my nigga? is you the police?
is you the police? is you the police?



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