Keaton Henson - Kindly Now

We’ve featured the work of Keaton Henson here before at Bitcandy in our various weekly best ofs, but it’s high time he got some shine on his own. The reclusive British artist is queuing up (by my count) his fifth proper album, Kindly Now, and the lead single “Alright” is an absolutely gorgeous, piano-driven stunner. 

Long story short, this song has all of the feels. Singing in a hushed falsetto over crescendoing keys, Henson delivers his best vocal and lyrical performance to date. With emotionally raw notes interwoven with self-awareness, Henson delivers a powerful song that is bound to get that cold, dark heart of yours beating once more. I could pontificate for a lot longer on this truly beautiful cut, but I fear that any more I say will overshadow it. So just listen to “Alright” and enjoy the 5 loveliest minutes of your day. 



Kindly Now is out September 16th via Play It Again Sound.

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