Låpsley “Brownlow”

Holly Fletcher, the barely-legal British singer who goes by Låpsley, has a new video for “Brownlow,” one of the best songs off her recent EP.

We’ve been in love with this gal for awhile now and the video for “Brownlow” which she directed by herself with Cherise Payne, reminded us why. This song is more of the electro-soul minimalism that XL Records currently has cornered the market on. The video is little more than a low-key night in the area of Liverpool from which the song takes its name. It fits the music to perfection, and this song was already great to begin with. Have a look below:



As an added bonus, here’s the track from Ms. Fletcher that originally caught our attention.



Still thirsty for more Låpsley? Peep the New Artist Finds piece we wrote on her nearly a year ago.

Låpsley’s XL debut Understudy EP is out now.


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