Peaches - Free Drink Ticket

You can always count on Merrill Beth Nisker, a.k.a. Peaches, to be provocative. She’s also usually angry, but her latest song “Free Drink Ticket” is something else entirely.

Off her new LP Rub, “Free Drink Ticket” is one of two songs off the record that deals with Nisker’s recent break up. It’s raw, uncensored emotional heartache channeled into some Kill Bill-style hatred-centered meditative revenge. This is probably the angriest song I’ve ever heard and it’s also heartbreaking. The slow, throbbing pace only adds to the gloomy tone of the song. In an interview with Now Toronto, Peaches had this to say about “Free Drink Ticket” :

“You know that moment when you have so much love for a person and you’re so hurt by them that you have nothing but hate? ‘Now I fucking hate you and I want to stab you. I want to kill you and I want to see you die a thousand times.’”

Yeah, so this song is basically that. But somehow angrier. However, it doesn’t play to rage, instead it shines a light on the deep, festering hatred for another human being who you’ve been intimate with.

This cut is not for the faint of heart.



Rub is out now, sold at closely and classless joints a like. Pick it up, if for nothing other than this amazing track.


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