Polographia - Sly

Maybe if you’re Australian you know who the likes of Daniel Finn and Moktar Youngblood are, to make no mention of Winston Surfshirt. But to a Yank like me, I don’t have single f**king clue as to who these three dudes are. What I have learned is that Finn and Youngblood (I’m guessing that’s a stage name) form a musical duo known as Polographia and they teamed up with Mr. Surfshirt to create the incredibly smooth new single, “Sly.”

This is chill wave to the max, right down to the 90’s surf marketing inspired video. The Aussie bros call their take on electronica “organic.” I call it lo fi (which is just code for low budget). Regardless of what you call it, it grooves. Seriously. And what Winston Surfshirt lacks in an intelligible about section on his website, he makes up for with his deeply sensual vocals on this cut.

“Sly” is a classic slow burn. Sleep on it at your own peril. Trying to ignore it is a fool's errand. This song is gonna find a way into your mind whether you like it or not.    



You can organically purchase this new single over at iTunes.


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