PomDeter - Du Happy

Pharrell’s “Happy” is no longer a song, but a world-devouring, soulless pop entity. Or at least that’s what I thought until I heard UK DJ/Producer PomDeter’s twisted reimagining of it: “Du Happy.”

The quicker witted among you may have already figured out what’s going on here, but if you haven’t here’s the big reveal: This mutherfluffer mashed up the Rammstein alt. classic “Du Hast” with the aforementioned “Happy.” The resulting song casts both tracks in a brand new light. The lyrics to Pharrell’s megahit seem at odds in the best way with the harsh grime of Rammstein, creating a tension that wasn’t there in the original. I keep thinking mash ups are completely played out, and then PomDeter shares a new cut and makes me rethink my position.

Hear his latest opus below:



You can download this song for free on the above widget. Download it now and start living a more complete life.

If you’re hungry for more PomDeter, check out “Call Me a Hole,” which is totally safe for work despite what the title might lead you to believe.

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