By internet timelines, we’re decades late on Indonesian wunderkind rapper Rich Chigga. But just because we’re behind the times (for once) doesn’t mean we can’t give the 16 year old and his viral hit, “Dat $tick,” its due.

One of the many things that make “Dat $tick” so fantastic is that everyone’s initial reaction it is: “This a joke, right?” And honestly, can you blame that reaction? Put this video on mute and it plays like a scene from a Todd Phillips movie (although TP would play up the racial stereotypes more, because, comedy). But in less than a minute of actually listening to this dude’s flow and you’ll feel foolish and ashamed for having judged a book by its cover.

Even once the initial shock of seeing Rich Chigga rap wears off, this song still kicks. The beat is great and, let’s be real, dude completely slays it. Just listen to it. Even if you’re already up on this sh*t, do so again, because this has staying power.



As if all that wasn’t enough, dude’s manager got a bunch of famous people to watch the video and react to it. These two videos in combination are the best things on the internet in 2016, and I refuse to hear otherwise.


Rappers React to Rich Chigga ft. Ghostface Killah, Desiigner, Tory Lanez & More

Can’t wait for the fire that will be “Dat $tick” remix featuring Ghostface, nahmean.


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