My Covers of ”Landslide" Power Rankings look like this:

1) Smashing Pumpkins
2) Everyone else, in no particular order.

Robyn Sherwell makes a strong case for 1b though with her new version of the Fleetwood Mac classic.

As the last song off her latest EP, Islander, Sherwell saves her best for the send off with a stunning vocal performance that'll send chills down your spine. This isn't quite Stevie's "This is for you daddy" level of chills, but it's in range. Sherwood’s voice takes center stage here, as the instrumentation around it really stretches the definition of the word "minimal." Some slight reverb helps amp up the atmosphere in this song, which is essentially an echo chamber for the first 90 seconds before some light synths kick in. Although kick is definitely the wrong verb. It’s more like they drip in.  

It takes either a lot of balls or a lot of obliviousness to cover a song as prominent as “Landslide.” Whichever it is, Ms. Sherwell has it in spades.



For our younger readers who may think that Fleetwood Mac is nothing but some adult contemporary band that current artists like to cover, you should also know that they did a fuck ton of drugs too.

You’re gonna want to stick around till at least the three minute mark on this one. That’s when it goes next level.



Islander is out now via Birdland Records. You can pick it up from out overlords at Apple. I presume you can get there without a link. Don’t disappoint me and go buy this gal’s music!


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