Mysterious teenage artist SPOOKY BLACK aka Corbin Smidzik (who may just go by CORBIN now? It’s hard to tell,) has been creating some well-deserved hype over the past couple of years with his unique, chilled-out take on the alternative R&B genre. The Minnesota native laid low for most of 2016, but now he’s back and refreshed with a brand new track called “Destrooy” (and no, that is not a typo).

“Destrooy” lays out an eerie, dark and dreary soundscape that gives off a beautifully haunting and bone chilling vibe that you’ll keep coming back to. His melancholy vocals swell over lonesome electric guitar chords, creating a simply angelic and calming feel that completely consumes you. It’s the type of track that doesn’t come around too often, but once you hear it you’ll feel completely at ease.

Be sure to check out more of his music on SoundCloud.




an idea

fingers tight around my arm, quiet you slept
too long since my heart has beat this hard, hide my breath
cornered, calm my nerves,
destroyer, ive done this before

call it, im wasting your time
dont soften it, leave me to die

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