Vince Staples - Bagbak

Vince Staples has finally released new music. “BagBak” is the first new song since last year’s Prima Donna EP and it’s just as fast and punchy as we would expect from the Long Beach native. The track is quintessential Staples with hard hits of the bass smothered by a high-styled sheen.

The big attitude that he has come to be known for is also apparent on the throbbing new release. Staples has been pretty unapologetic when it comes to politics, which is probably why he is so big with the teen crowd. Without flinching, he challenges the police: “Clap your hands if the police ever profiled / You ain't gotta worry, don't be scary 'cause we on now / Ain't no gentrifying us, we finna buy the whole town / Tell the one percent to suck a dick, because we on now.”



“BagBak” is just in time for his Life Aquatic Tour with Kilo Kush, kicking off later this month in Atlanta before moving across big US cities. It’s also been rumored that a full LP will be dropping very soon, so its safe to say that "BagBak" is just the start of a big year for Staples.