Zedd “Addicted to a Memory (ft. Bahari)”

In case you haven’t noticed, 2015 has been an astounding year for music so far. Zedd’s best new song, “Addicted to a Memory (ft. Bahari),” is just the latest goodness in a sea of great tunes from this year.

“Addicted to a Memory” is the lead single off his forthcoming True Colors LP, and the dance-heavy track is sure to get you fired up for whatever else the Russian-German DJ is sitting on. Most are hailing the track as Zedd returning to his electro-house roots, and that’s true to an extent, but there’s a whole lot of pop to be had in here. American female trio Bahari assist on this track with some lush vocals and harmonies.

Whatever you’ve got going, this song is gonna get you pumped up to do it.



True Colors is out 5/19 on Interscope. Pre-orders can be placed here, and they come with an instant download of “Addicted to a Memory” with said pre-order. WHAT A STEAL!?!?!?!

We’ll leave you now with the very brief lyrics to Zedd “Addicted to a Memory.”


we are, we are a violent chemistry
love has taken us as far as we can reach
but i can't leave
we are, we are, imagine ecstasy
holding on to what we used to be
addicted to a memory
holding on to what we used to be
addicted to a memory
a memory

we are, we are in-love enemies
we are sentimental slaves on broken knees
we're on empty
we were, we were one identity
now the trouble is remembering
addicted to a memory

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