Barns Courtney - Sinners

If you’ve been hankering for some raw, bluesy rock, that’s moodier than me on a Monday morning after Bottomless Brunch, look no further than this next artist.

Barns Courtney is his name, and from the stories he’s told in past interviews, he’s quite the character. What’s most interesting about him is not that he transplanted from England to Seattle and back again; not that he signed to a record label with a band and got his dream wrenched out of his hands when the label dropped them on the brink of releasing their first album. It’s perhaps that his music sounds like an amalgamation of all these experiences. Courtney has gathered influences from these experiences, and has created a sound for himself that’s unique and varied.

With all that said, ladies & gents of We Are: The Guard -- I give you “Sinners.”



“Sinners,” a B-Side out of the songs he’s been recording in the last year, is a train-rock anthem. Morose, reflective, but very much rock ‘n’ roll, the track sounds like Barns Courtney would be better off singing it on a railroad trip across the States.

There’s just something about the gravel and grit in his voice that makes me want to take up smoking, buy an expensive leather jacket and a stick-shift car way too big for my dainty frame. I mean, is it just me?!?!

Barns Courtney is gearing up to finally a release a full-length record this year. 2018 is his year, so don’t sleep!! Stay tuned, fam.