We've never sat on a cloud. We're 100 percent positive we can't actually sit on a cloud even if we wanted to, but we have experienced the presumed soft weightlessness in our dreams. BAYNK's "Come Home" has beats so light and fluid that it makes us feel like we could defy gravity.



spotifyStill, despite its free experimentation, it's not a song that is entirely carefree. Like the clouds inevitably eventually turn dark, so does his offering. "Come Home" features a voice that is muffled by its trickling melodies. Unless we listen closely, all we can hear clearly is the titular call to action. And there is a sadness in featured artist Shallou's voice. And then when we listen to the song a third time—which believe us, will happen to anyone who hears it once—you can hear his other solemn words a bit clearer: "The world is burning / Just come home / I can feel my body turning." There are just so many layers to discover in only a few minutes.

Like so many others, BAYNK (aka Jock Nowell-Usticke) is a musician that sounds beyond his years. In 2017 alone, the New Zealand native's scattered release of singles have garnered over one million monthly listeners on Spotify. And his quick rise is all thanks to our friend Soundcloud, who is curiously in trouble despite breaking so many of the most celebrated artists today. We're sure he's not done releasing music on the streaming service this year and we're looking forward to hearing more from the newcomer.