Borns - Faded Heart

Have you heard of BORNS? We Are: The Guard have and we've been obsessed with his work ever since we heard his debut album, Dopamine. It is a sparkly yet pop-electronic feat that never gets old no matter how many times we play it on repeat. And since its been over two years since we've heard new music from him, we've lost track of just how many times we've sung along to this compilation.



spotifyBut now, finally, the talented man (born Garrett Borns) has released a track, called "Faded Heart," off of his upcoming sophomore album. It's a bit surprising—but in the best way possible. Though we're familiar with a BORNS that leans a bit more glittery pop, this single is far more rock. While his signature falsetto doesn't get lost, synths are almost entirely tossed aside. Producer Tony Maserati lends his production expertise, complimenting the frontman's poetry about a galaxy as a metaphor for a new lover. We'd imagine BORNS' debut to be fit for a school dance whereas "Faded Heart" is more suited for a raucous house party; sitting somewhere in between the sounds of Queen and The Stooges.

Now we're reeling in anticipation for the January album drop to hear if this song is just a quick experimental detour or he is veering fully off-course with no looking back.