Sebastian Kornelius Coucheron-Gautier Teigen, also known as Coucheron, is best known for being one of Kehlani’s favorite collaborators, but now the producer is determined to break out on his own. The producer hails from Asker, Norway and has a sound that falls in line with fellow Nordic natives like Cashmere Cat and Kygo – they all want to have a really good time yet never compromising artistry.



“Barely Floating” is only his second single in anticipation of his debut LP, but we already know that he can somehow tie all the components of his songs together. Everything is in such a neat bow, that it makes it difficult to imagine one element without the other—that is a feat most musicians can only dream of mastering. Even the listeners who like to dodge through tracks (you know who you are) before a song’s end, will hesitate because you can’t help but want to hear where the song travels next.

On top of Coucheron’s thumping bass in “Barely Floating,” you’ll hear really poetic lyrics by Matilda: “I'm tangled in / I can tangle out / And I don't even know / What it's all about." Also from Norway, Matilda has a sexy growl to her vocal tone. Her sound paired with Coucheron’s punchy, playful synths will take you up, throw you down, and push you side to side before its end, when it returns to that slow hypnotic quality introduced in its first few seconds.

Really, with this kind of an offering to the music world, it’s not a wonder that he has already been nominated for a Grammy.