Laina - Here's To You

Laina proves that there is a place in the world for pure modern folk music. The German artist’s new track, “Here’s To You,” is the kind of song that’ll stay in your thoughts for days to come and it's because of it's simplistic, yet emotive vibe that characterizes the age-old genre.



Listeners can only hear barely-there instrumentals, but that's because her feathery light, yet poignant vocals should be what we focus on. She kindly glides on her guitar and then continues to whimsically pluck. It's true low-fi bliss and you know it before she even starts speaking. But when Laina does finally sing her first words, they come down slowly, melting into the soul: “Here’s to you/ And what I feel / And used to / from the morningside ” And you take her words in like you are her closest confidant—like she is talking directly to each and every one of her listeners.

There is not much about Laina online. We wish we knew more about her, such as, “Who is this woman? How did she learn to sing? What inspires her music? Is she a one-woman production?” What we do know about her is that all of her music has a similar way about it—it makes us feel like we’re floating while she lets us in on her secrets and we want to stay above the clouds with her.