Mothica’s Facebook profile claims that this Oklahoman singer has been “feeling too much since 1995.” If that’s the case, someone should have probably warned her to steer clear of Tinder and Bumble. But then again, she might not have had inspiration to write “Sometimes,” her new synthy track as shiny as how modern relationships appear on the surface (um, they’re NOT). Regardless, We Are: The Guard want you to listen to Mothica’s new single, “Sometimes” down below.



“Maybe I will / Maybe I won’t,” McKenzie Ellis sings (aka Mothica -- such a better moniker, right?), recreating the annoying push-pull you find in dating nowadays with the beat. It’s like Ellis unconsciously designed this track like a pendulum -- it gets more hypnotic with each “on you” that she exerts. And isn’t that how dating feels like nowadays? Just a string of repetitive actions, emotions swinging back and forth, stuck in a never-ending cycle… WHEN WILL IT END???

I feel for you, Mothica, girl, I really do. But “Sometimes” is shiny, effortless, and catchy; a wistful tune with sultry, pensive vocals to match. If I’m going to stay single for a good portion of this year, let it be known that I’ll be bumping “Sometimes” in the car, swaying along to the synths to ease my ego. 'Cause let’s face it: If Mothica can’t find a solid match out there, is there really any hope left for any of us?

Mothica’s second EP, Heavy Heart, will be out soon -- Gee, I wonder where the title is coming from. Check her Soundcloud for updates.