A long while back when I knew a little less (but only marginally) and drank a little more (but only marginally), I was dating a loser. He left me stranded in a city I was vaguely familiar with, and after both attending a concert where I excessively drank in an attempt to hide all the feels, I woke up in our hotel room by myself, no loser on grounds.

I spent the rest of the morning blowing up his phone with a fury that matched that of my Latina mother. He eventually made his way back to me and we broke up that morning, but not before he had the audacity to call me *high-maintenance*. GAHHHHH.

The “high-maintenance” comment has become an inside joke among my circle of friends, and as I get older and open to being more insightful of my behavior, yeah, maaaaybe I can be a little demanding. But, guys? Pero like, why is that so bad?

Anyway, storytime is over and I promise my anecdote had a point to it aside from being a cautionary tale and discouraging my We Are: The Guard brethren from dating me.

Mothica, the sultry vocalist from Brooklyn that has been skirting the edges of the electronic/pop scene for the past year or so, is back with a single that not only further solidifies my theory that 2018 is the year of good pop music, but that will be on heavy rotation in the car when someone tries to test me. Y’ALL BEEN WARNED. Listen to Mothica’s “Water Me Down” below:



The track’s theme is simple. As she stated in her song’s premiere: “When I was whiskey, they were water.” And y’all know that watered down whiskey is complete sh*t to drink...

“Water Me Down” is a sturdy, pop ballad about holding true to yourself and not giving an eff about someone having a problem with the way you present yourself. Ever the classy lady with the impressive vocal chops, Mothica delivers the message with her silky tongue and catchy synth chords to boot.

So, ladies and gentlemen, heed her advice. Don’t compromise for anyone — and a little intensity never hurt nobody! Makes for good music, doesn’t it?

Catch Mothica making more music in the future (hopefully) by keeping track of her socials. Now go out there and shine, my peeps.