Son-J - You

Australians face a few stereotypes in America. They are better known for being friendly and bubbly Americans generally think that they're inviting and they love to party, which is why so much amazing EDM comes out the country— like Flume and Nick Murphy. That same carefree vibe is what we get from rising Perth-born artist Son-J.

Son-J creates the kind of music that We At The Guard refer to as "bangers," for lack of a better term. It's the music that makes you want to lose control of your body. It's the kind of sound that makes you want to dance and dance like no one is watching. And no one is watching because they're fully immersed in the same cinematic music you are listening to.



Son-J's latest release, via Soundcloud collective Sola, is "You." The song is exactly the kind of music you can get lost in, even if you're a big crowd surrounded by friends. It has big smooth basses with a super intricate melody that feels weightless. It would be pretty fantastic on its own, but he adds a bit of New York attitude thanks to Mothica's husky vocals. So really, regardless of what kind of music you favor, there is something for everyone on this track. Afterall, who can resist a party song with some depth.