Summer may be on its last legs according to the calendar, although the weather seems to have no interest in cooperating. Neither does Philippine-born and current residence of Los Angeles Sweater Beats. His latest single "Enemy (feat. Sorana)" is the summer banger you’ve been waiting for.

The track deals with a topic that seems to be on a lot of people's minds these days: side chicks. Whether it’s SZA’s stunning debut record, or just some sort of unintended consequence of the current dating culture, we live in a time of unprecedented openness when it comes to the other woman. But “Enemy” has no interest in glorifying the side chick, as some parts of pop culture  won’t to do. Instead it takes aim at the emotional manipulation at play in these scenarios.

The song’s vocalist and Romanian import Sorana explains: “Enemy is a song about some of us that love to cheat and lie without thinking of the hearts they’re breaking. For them it’s all about the game.‘I’ve got a lover who’s got a lover‘ is something that happened to all of us at some point, so when it happened to me I decided to write about it. Writing about stuff that happens to me always makes me feel better.”

While the subject matter and the reaction to it may seem a bit bleak, Sweater Beats and Sorana instead channel their anger and rage into a high energy electro-pop gem. 



The word mistress dates back to 14th Century France. The word comes from the feminine form of master, the maistresse often referred to a woman who had command over servants in a male’s absence. However, from the point of view of the mistress in “Enemy” there is no sense of empowerment in being apart of a crooked love triangle.

This is not to say that every side chick experience is the same. Some women may even prefer a relationship that comes with little to no emotional baggage. Personally though, I don’t get it. It’s exhausting enough to find one single person to be interested in me, let alone two. How do people even manage to have side chicks and remain employed? I would absolutely read 5000+ on some 538-type shit on the logistics and data of side chicks.

While I wait, I’ll be playing “Enemy” on repeat.

Sweater Beats will be embarking on a brief north eastern tour next month. Dates and venues are below.

9/21 – Washington.DC @ 9:30club w/ Whethan
9/22 – Philadelphia.PA @ Union Transfer w/ Whethan
9/25 – Boston.MA @ Royale w/ Whethan
9/26 – Brooklyn.NY @ Brooklyn Steel w/ Whethan


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