THEY. make their own rules on their debut album, Nu Religion: Hyena. Instead of trying to stay within the lines of a genre, the Los Angeles-based duo use the 14-track compilation to experiment with a mix of hip-hop, rock, and R & B.



Among the aural offerings, We Are The Guard’s favorite song has to be “Africa.” It begins with applause and harmonizing before busting into quick rhymes on top of organ-heavy instrumentals and bass. And then it just keeps pushing expectations, totally unpredictable. The transitions back and forth between the duo’s expansive vocal abilities play well with one another. While one sings, another snaps. While one raps, another hums. It’s complexity is pretty awe-inducing, but still manages to relax you into a stupor.

Rumor has it that Dante and Drew’s energy on stage makes their music even more absorbing thanks to coaching from tis just that much more absorbing enamoring. After being discovered by Mind of a Genius, the pair have amassed more hype in one year than most musicians ever witness. That kind of premature hype -- thanks to October 2015’s 3-track EP, Nu Religion -- can come and go before, but no doubt they’re in for a decorated and long career.