So many musicians attempt to fuse genres, but it is a risky route. For Third Culture Kings, that risk keeps paying off. Their debut album, Is That Light You Carry?, is a part of the new era without genre lines. What we heard previously from the album was rap-leaning; tossing aside bumping beats and ferocious thudding voices. Alap Momin (also known as Oktopus) and Jan Johansen work on each of the debut compilation's tracks to merge sounds in a fresh way, and it comes from years of the Danish duo perfecting their craft. Before they came together, Momin was a part of Dalek and Johansen worked with Glorybox.



The nuance they've learned from their experience is no more apparent than on new song, "Done & Gone." This is a different kind of genre disruption. It's impressive how it all comes together though, especially given that they claim to record many of their instrumentals on a smartphone.

soundcloud It all starts with a plucky guitar and warped vocals. Beginning as a blurry heady image that slowly comes into focus about something we can't quite decipher--we imagine purposefully--but that we know is mourning. While we're not exactly sure where they pull inspiration from, it's easy to imagine that they called on Leonard Cohen's emotive spirit. Then under those vocals, 80s synths, and psychedelia seep out. A tribal beat even plays. It's all a bit disorienting and takes us on a strange, transient journey, and our mind goes somewhere it's never been before with any other artists.

The question is: How do they make all these juxtaposing sounds work together so well?