Rising from the borough of Brooklyn, the music producer known as Wingtip adopted the vocals of Delacey to formulate his newest song called "Walls." Filled with enthusiastic beats and uplifting vocals, We Are: The Guard has just discovered something great for your summer playlists.

Born Nicholas Perloff-Giles, the electronic genre might have another talented producer in the mix. More quality tunes are always a great thing. Beneath the dazzling, uplifting music score is a story filled with bittersweet verses about loss. Yet, it never comes across as an emotional track trudging through murky or morbid waters. After listening to "Walls," you are more likely to be motivated to look at the cup half full and explore the pleasantries of life. It’s the matter of keeping hope alive. That makes "Walls" a track that is filled with promise and inspiration.



With high-pitched synth beats permeating through the 3 minute 41 second song, Delacey’s vocal prowess is a welcome compliment to Wingtip’s little composition. Dreamy and catharsis, this song releases angst in one felled swoop. The resulting emotion is that of relief rather than sadness, creating one pleasant synth-pop zinger worthy of your time. Enjoy Wingtip? Be sure to listen to Rewind and Missing You, as well. You won’t be disappointed.