Aaron Taos - Twisted

Joy to the world! ‘Cause Brooklyn baddie Aaron Taos released a new single just in time for Christmas. Honestly, I could only tolerate so many Christmas carols, tame holiday parties, fake smiles, and polite nods to distant conservative family members before I lost my mind to the holiday season. You know all that contrite BS that Christmastime makes you feel? Aaron will make you feel the OPPOSITE.

This one is a hot one, everyone. Thank god (seriously -- being naughty over nice is way more fun). Listen to “Twisted” down below.



soundcloud “Twisted” follows in the footsteps of the Black Keys -- it’s writhing, jukebox rock’n’roll with a mountainous personality. It’s a little dirty, all kinds of gritty… and Taos’ vocals against the alt rock arrangement will have you grinding your hips on the sleaziest lookin’ dude at the bar (whatever, we all do it at one point in our lives).

What separates “Twisted” from your usual alt rock love song is that it’s believable. That’s probably because Taos’ voice is very convincing, but even his lyrics are spattered with a wanton quality to them, even if there are some real interesting dingers. “Stone-drunk like I’m a kid / off my dad’s alcohol cabinet,” for instance, is a pretty hilarious analogy. But also like, SAME. Four bourbon shots deep and I’ll say the same thing about… well, anyone.

Aaron Taos’ dive bar rock vibes are music to my ears, and I expect great great things from him. Keep ‘em coming.