Best New Tracks: Arca "&&&&&"


Arca, the Venezuelian-born New York-based "super producer," has been getting insane press after producing some of the tracks off Yeezus. And now to add to all the positive vibes heading his way, he's released a set of cool songs cryptically titled "&&&&&."

This set of music runs for 25 minutes and it's anything but ordinary. Arca seems to pushing of the boundaries of… well I'm really not what genre this is. Really the best way to describe Arca's sound is to say the he's a trailblazer. Whatever this is I don't think we've given it a name yet.

Have a listen to the Arca mixtape "&&&&&" below:

The guess here is that this previously unreleased material is a new album from one of the industry's rising stars. You can download the mixtape from Arca over at his soundcloud page. Will keep our ear to the ground and let you know if we hear anything.

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