Bassey & Ginsburg "MYFB (Oliver Vs. Fabolous)"


New York DJ Royalty Salvador and G Norman Bassey have once again teamed up under their chosen duo moniker Bassey & Ginsburg to bring us a mashup that perhaps only they could do. "MYFB (Oliver Vs. Fabolous)" is absolutely a best new track, as the Automatic Reaction twosome effortlessly mesh Oliver's "MYB" and Fabolous' "Young'n (Holla Back)."

The result is an infectious summer jam that is sure wear out speakers coast-to-coast.

But don't take my word for it, hear for yourself. Listen to Bassey & Ginsburg "MYFB (Oliver Vs. Fabolous)" below:

You can download Bassey & Ginsburg "MYFB (Oliver Vs. Fabolous)" for free over at the Automatic Reaction soundcloud page. Salvador G has a new project, Dead Pop Stars Society, due out in late August 27th. More details can be found here. No word on what Norman Bassey has planned next, but you can hear several off his booty-swinging tracks over on the above-linked Automatic Reaction soundcloud page.

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