Best New Tracks: Belin vs Deadmau5


Today's best new track is a mash up like few you've ever seen. Hailing from the tiny Spanish town of Linares, graffiti artist Belin has no trouble having his art go head-to-head Toronto's virtuoso house DJ Deadmau5. And Belin vs Deadmau5 is not the normal sort of mash up you're used to seeing Deadmau 5 in.

On his official VEVO account (btw, did anyone ever figure out what the hell VEVO is?), Deadmau released a cut in which Belin draws a sketch in real-time set to Deadmau5's "Lost in Space (Feed Me Remix)."

Look, that last paragraph wasn't the greatest sell, but just watch Belin vs Deadmau5 below, it's worth your while:

So what did you think of the video? Could you have drawn that? (LIAR!) Is Deadmau5 cutting edge anymore, is his latest work too redundant? And just how in the hell do you judge redundancy in a genre like house?

Answers these questions, or pose your own, or just tell us what you thought of the song below. And none of that "First" bullshit. Have some self-respect.