BLND TGR - Heartbreaker

When We Are: The Guard say new, we mean the newest of the new. Let us turn our attention to BLND TGR, a Brooklyn-based duo we've had our eye on for all of... 4 months. The pair popped up on our Instagram newsfeed back in August when they premiered a new song called "Lock n Load" with a cinematic debut that trickled out along with each verse.

From the moment we heard their first single in full, that very same feed starting teasing "Heartbreaker" -- their second single off their self-titled EP, scheduled for a January 2018 release. The new song is slower, but no less impactful, with imagery of shackles and heart emojis. Yes, it's about love. What we hear is a mix between Regina Spektor's vocals and Lorde's attitude and synth-play. Heartbreaker leans way more Spektor, with warnings of "Don't break my heart" and keys, before dropping into a crazy bass frenzy and trippy reverb.



spotify The twists and turns of the song do make sense-- especially given the subject matter because love is a wild rollercoaster. The female vocalist admits her culpability in the insecure relationship with the statement: "Don't break your heart/ I'll break my heart tonight."

Speaking of the vocalist, we know very little (basically nothing) about her and her counterpart with explanations on the official social media like "You Will See Soon." We love surprises and we can't wait to start off the new year with the mysterious pair.