Best New Tracks: Chrome Sparks "Marijuana"


When Pittsburgh-native Jeremy Malvin isn't drumming for Stepdad, he's just chillin' and creating beats under the moniker Chrome Sparks.

Chromes Sparks is currently signed to the music collective/record label (side note: 'music collective'? fucking hippies) GRL MTN (we're just going to assume that's some sort of acronym), who recently put out a new compilation (fucking hippies), AAURAL II.

The standout track off AAURAL II is "Marijuana" by the aforementioned Chrome Sparks. Check it out below:

So basically Chrome Sparks sounds like Flying Lotus, only better and more listenable.

You can download "Marijuana" for free over at Chrome Sparks' band camp page. And if you wish to purchase AAURAL II, head here.

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