Last November when then 18 year old Cole Basta, aka Col3trane, released his heady debut mixtape Tsarina he couldn’t have been prepared for the response.  

A couple million plays, some jet setting around the world, and heaps of critical acclaim later Col3trane is still trying to make sense of his new life. Instead of getting overwhelmed and seduced by the hype, our hero doubled-down on his work, splitting time between London and Los Angeles to complete BOOT, a stunning new record poised to expand his reach even further.

“Britney”, the highlight track off said record, deals with Cole’s newfound notoriety. It’s also a play off the plot of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Ever the avid reader (his breakout single "Penelope," based on The Odyssey, has over 2 million plays as of writing) Col3trane wanted to put his own twist on the story, as he recently told Pigeons & Planes:

“Britney is basically just a whole lot of bad stuff. It’s a negative character… I put a lot of negative feeling into that character, all the bad shit that happens in life. It’s all about how you get attached to those things.”

The feelings of disillusionment that permeate Hunter S. Thompson’s famous novel are present in “Britney”. Sonically, the psychedelic R&B enhances the feeling while also paying homage to the novel’s main cultural touchstone.

The track is catchy as hell, with shades of Frank Ocean and Drake while still sounding forward thinking and wholly unique.



BOOT stands for ‘Breathing Out Of Time’, an experience Cole describes as thus:

“Breath is one of the few things in life which is universal, that everyone can feel and relate to. Breathing out of feel like you've fallen away from the universal thing that connects everyone.”

From a guy who described his last year as “trippy as hell”, I’d imagine he’s had an abundance of recent experience feeling disconnected.

Speaking of trippy, psychedelic, and Hunter S. Thompson, there’s a double video for “Britney” and BOOT’s first track “Fear and Loathing”. Directed by Oscar Hudson, the video deals with illusion and perspective in ways that are, um, reminiscent of its source material.



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