When you impress the likes of Katy Perry, it is certainly no small feat. Detroit-born Cynthia Nabozny, who goes professionally by the name CYN, just released her newest track called "Together." Let’s not waste any time and dive right in.



Growing up in a middle working-class working family, becoming a part of the industry was probably not a conceivable goal as a typical Midwestern girl. Yet, Nabozny found herself a part of Katy Perry’s label after the pop star started gushing over her voice. Over that time, CYN worked with the rising producer Felix Snow, quite often. "Together" was cowritten and produced by LA-based OMEGA, who’s got his fingerprints all over the tracks of Iggy Azalea, Christina Aguliera, and Syklar Stecker. As part of We Are: The Guard’s parent publishing company, Brill Building, OMEGA has also worked for Fall Out Boy and Jason Derulo.

soundcloudVocal-wise, there is a tad of folky and indie rock in there, which borders on avant-garde, but not strange enough to alienate those who find Joanna Newsom unpalatable. Paired with an instrumental that is synth with a vague sense of reggae seasoned for taste, it might be light indie pop rock at its finest. Soft and supple, CYN’s voice doesn’t force the issue. Compared to her earlier work such as on her self-titled EP that embraces the ghostly, almost haunting composition, "Together" is a more-upbeat limit of her style. It is more radio friendly, and also displays the viability of her music on the masses. Thus, she can dabble in more experimental stuff while being able to perform commercially.