Best Cover: Daughter "Get Lucky" (Daft Punk)


If you haven't heard Daft Punk's latest new song, "Get Lucky (featuring Pharell Williams)," then we just don't understand how you work.  (Incidentally, we featured it long before all the other blogs, not that we're keeping track or anything. Read our take here.)

And today North London songstress Elena Tonra, a.k.a. Daughter, released a cover of "Get Lucky."

Tonra completely reimagines this song and turns this summer's likely ubiquitous anthem into a muted, forlorn ballad.

Listen to Daughter's best new track, "Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)" below:

And in case you didn't click on the above link (or if that embed is no longer working) here's Daft Punk "Get Lucky (featuring Pharrell Williams)" for comparisons sake:

Daughter's new LP, If You Leave is out today via Glassnote.

What do you think of Daughter's Daft Punk cover? Is it better than the original, or sacrilege?
Is Daughter a Pearl Jam reference?
Is this cover the real deal, or just some ho-hum publicity-whoring?
Does Elena Tonra hate Google?

Let us know what you think; have your voice heard in the comment section, honeys.