DENM - Bless Your Heart (Acoustic Version)

Good morning sunshine! Oh, are you still in bed? Well since we can’t personally be there to wake you up with kisses you will have to let today’s featured song from our favorite garage pop artist DENM do to your soul what we can’t. TBH, DENM’s acoustic version of “Bless Your Heart” feels better than any morning breath kiss from us.

I know you have listened to “Bless Your Heart” countless of times (If you haven’t … GET TO IT), but you haven’t heard the stripped acoustic version and I will do everything in my power to make sure the play button on the track is exhausted. This is DENM singing to you personally, it’s the unplugged version that MTV will never air, but lucky you, you have full access to this beauty!



Gone are the island pounding beats and in comes a drift of atmospheric tranquility, which is a nice change from the usual dance beat we’ve been hooked on. DENM’s delivery will leave you saying, “Bless your heart, DENM.” Yes, bless your heart and you won’t know what you’ve been missing until you get your dose of the artist whose talent is above most and growing. Listen to it, and after you do I guarantee your second half of the week.

Move over Folgers, because the best thing of waking up is hearing this tune first thing in the AM!

Get DENM - "Bless Your Heart" from your favorite music provider:

For the full experience, catch DENM’s Dreamhouse EP below:


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