New WATG Release! DENM’s “Bless Your Heart” Refines His “Garage Pop” Sensibilities.

We Are: The Guard have been huge fans of DENM since first hearing the Californian singer/songwriter/producer’s unique blend of rough beats and smooth pop vocals. Of course, we might be biased, as we released last year’s well-received, chart topping Dreamhouse EP, and a subsequent album of remixes, but really, it’s the other way around. We were so smitten by DENM’s first two singles, “Lit” and “Under Pressure,” that we just had to get involved. Check out the new single here



We are beyond excited and proud, at We Are: The Guard, to help usher “Bless Your Heart” into the world, helping to refine DENM’s distinctive rough-around-the-edges mixture of club-friendly slum beach pop with a mojito’s worth of tropical dancehall spice, all topped off by DENM’s smooth, catchy vocals.

“Bless Your Heart” is another step for DENM, working with some huuge names in Pop. DENM’s new single is co-written by Nicole Morier - who’s a close friend and has worked  with Ellie Goulding to Demi Lovato to Britney Spears.  And also, Daniel Omelio to the mix, better known as Robopop, who’s also written and produced for Maroon 5, Gym Class Heroes, and Lana Del Rey. Worry not, however, DENM has not forsaken his signature gritty style, which laces the smooth pop vibes with some gasoline and charcoal.



soundcloud“Garage Pop” is an apt term, especially when you consider the multiple usages of the term ‘garage.’ ‘Garage Rock,’ originating from the United States, favors dangerous, antisocial misfits playing blazing, white-hot riffs delivered with drug-addled abandon. ‘Garage’ in the UK, however, is a style of rave that came shortly before dubstep would take over, favoring a funkier, lighter sound than dubstep’s leaden barrage. “Garage Pop,” therefore, has a driving, edgy, energetic pace but tempered with light tropicalia beats, and held together with DENM’s catchy vocals and meaningful lyrics.

As music continues to intersect and relate to everyone, being the true music of protest, DIY culture, escapism, hedonism, and rebellion, you can rest assured that you will hear more Garage Pop. DENM’s already leading the charge, and We Are: The Guard are pleased and proud as can be to help this revolution get its wings.

Catch the new single “Bless Your Heart” right here at your favorite Digital Service Provider:

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