Best New Tracks: Eels "Peach Blossom"


Whenever I'm discussing music with people and the topic of the Eels comes up, I always step up to defend Mark Oliver Everett. (I am however generally dismissive of whatever mercenary musicians he currently has playing with him)

People's main complaint about the Virginia-native is that he only has one song. My retort is always "Yes. And that song is fucking awesome."

Which is why were beyond excited when this Latest New Song by Everett and Co. leaked.

Sure, it's got a familiar sound to it, but we've always liked that about them. Listen to "Peach Blossom" below:

And if you think this music would be better if accompanied by images, then checkout the official video for "Peach Blossom":

That video is kinda of amazing. I want to go there.

Mr. Everett, or MOE as someone likely calls him, will be releasing his 10th studio album, Wonderful, Glorious on the fifth day of February in 2013.

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