Best Tracks-Ella Fitzgerald "Too Darn Hot (RAC Remix)"


It's not every day that Ella Fitzgerald shows up in Bitcandy's Best New Tracks section; then again it's not every day that one of her showtime-y tunes gets turned into a full-on summer jam. This transformative edit was done by the masterful André Allen Anjos, a.k.a RAC.

If you haven't heard any RAC remixes before, here's a quick primer: Anjos takes the part of the song that is good, discards the rest, then adds his own flare to the track without ever being flamboyant.

For his remix of Ella Fitzgerald's "Too Darn Hot," he keeps her vocals at the center of everything, because he's no dummy. Backing up her one-of-a-kind voice is a heavy bass, and bombastic horns that constantly explode along the drumline. The song rises, falls, sways, and seemingly encapsulates all that is good and sensual in the word. RAC gives "Too Darn Hot" the kick and sexiness it's always deserved.

Listen to Ella Fitzgerald "Too Darn Hot (RAC Remix)" below, then go buy it on iTunes and put it on your summer nights mix.

Gotta love dropping the beat out in order to speed it up. This song is so good!

Now here's Ella's jazzy original:

It should also be noted that RAC's debut album (of original material) is due out later this year via Cherrytree/Interscope and we, like everyone else with any sense, are really looking forward to it.

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