Best New Tracks: Ellie Goulding "Burn"


Oh Christ, here comes Ellie Goulding with another track that's only one word and that one word concerns illumination. While right now "Burn" is an absolute best new track, if it's anything like its predecessor "Lights," we won't be able to escape this song for the next 18-36 months.

All hyperbole aside, while the track is only a few days old, it feels like we're at the beginning of a long run for "Burn." Ellie teamed with OneRepublic leadsinger, hitmaker, and questionable-hat-purchaser Ryan Tedder (who also wrote "Halo" for Beyonce) for what is sure to be her next #1 single.

We'd tell you more about "Burn," but you're better off just listening to it yourself:

"Burn" is the lead single of Goulding's re-release of her album Halcyon. She does the re-release thing because, well I'm not really sure why. Maybe she hates EPs? Regardless, the re-release will have an additional 10 songs (why not just have a new album then!?) and should drop by the end of this year, maybe.

As it turns out, "Burn" was originally recorded by Leonna Lewis in 2006, but apparently she knew then what we all know now: This is Ellie's song.

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