FMLYBND - Letting Go

Surf pop kids FMLYBND are back and better then ever in 2015. These cats are about to blow up, and their new single “Letting Go” is a prime example of why.

FMLYBND describes where they live as a “slum beach paradise.” This also feels like an apt description for their music. And do I ever have to find that beach. “Letting Go” mixes a dark, pulsing synth line with steel drums to perfection. The end result sounds like a beach-themed Halloween rave. At its heart, “Letting Go” is a song about, you guessed it, letting go. It’s about coming to terms with what you can and can not control, then going on to live your life the best you can with that knowledge. It’s about “forgiving your enemies so that I can be free.” And it expresses that sentiment way better, and way less obnoxiously than that gawddamn Frozen song did.

Let go of the past, move on to the future. Seems like a pretty good mantra for the new year.



We’ll be following the Isla Vista-based quartet all year. Big things seem to be in store. Stay tuned.


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