Francis Novotny - Hit N Run

"Hit N Run," the newest single from Swedish-born artist Francis Novotny, features a masterful blending of genres that brilliantly showcases of talents of the up-and-coming producer/vocalist. In this review, We Are: The Guard presents what might be a genesis of an intriguing musical career.



The track starts with a slow and deliberate pace that eventually progresses into a strong, catchy rhythm thanks to the usage of electronically-heavy instrumentals and layering effects used for the vocals. The product is a song that is part electropop, part soul, part slow jam, and probably his best release to date.

Novotny’s previous song, "Run Away," features a more typical glitch sound like the one produced by Los Angeles-based The Glitch Mob. "Hit N Run" appears to be an evolution of his earlier entry, being aurally better in almost every conceivable way. If "Run Away" is the amoeba, "Hit N Run" is the full-fledged human. The reason for the improvement might be attributed to the vocals that utilize multiple layers filled with falsetto, distortion, and harmonizing. It does seem oddly reminiscent of mainstream artist, The Weeknd, and his chart-topping contribution to the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. This is meant to be the highest of compliments for a relatively-unknown artist. I do wonder why it took him so long to present his vocals in his productions.

"Hit N Run" is an addictive song, loaded with replay value. If this is in fact the genesis of Novotny’s career, he is off to a blazing start, as this track is just plain fire. This might be my second favorite thing to come out of France, with the first being my friend during my days living in Tokyo.