Gems - Blow Out The Light

Key Lyrics: If you ever have another glass-heart to break, it won't be mine/ You take everything and lay it on the line/ I can't promise that I'll ever be cool with you, but I'm tryna be kind
I can offer you another way out and off my mind.

Relationships are mega hard, especially when you know the end is coming. Sometimes we let things go on for too long, but when the final straw is pulled it’s time to blow out the light as the duo GEMS writes about in their dreamy pop single, ”Blow Out The Light.” Prepare yourselves for waterworks, pull out those tissues, get yourself some Taco Bell because it’s going to be a hot mess.



While you’re munching on that crunchy taco, let’s take a moment to truly absorb the track for what it really’s a flawless pop song that is disturbingly intimate. Disturbing because it’s far too close to realness, but that’s THE reason why “Blow Out The Light” is ultimately a brilliant track, an underrated one. 

Before you all run out in search of the date for an EP release let me burst your bubble and say that you’ll just have to wait for the next full moon because GEMS being poetic by nature, have decide to only release material on full moons.


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