Grimes - Go

There's a new Grimes LP coming out this year, perhaps as earlier as next month!, and it'll likely be filled with best new tracks like "Go (Feat. Blood Diamonds)."


Originally written for Rihanna, "Go" is essentially EDM-pop, although the official music video for it is something else entirely. According to Claire Boucher herself, the video for "Go" is analogous to Dante's Inferno, with her and collaborator Blood Diamonds, a.k.a Mike Diamond, traveling through various circles of hell. Only this time hell is a reflection of "contemporary issues" and is visually inspired by the likes of X-Men and Metal Gear video games. Got all that?

Even if you didn't this song will still be fantastic. The video just might seem a little off-putting and bizarre. Actually even when you get its intended purposes and it can be that. Check it out below:



Still no release date or title for that forthcoming Grimes record. Even Wikipedia is mum on the whole issue. Soon as word leaks though we'll let you know. 

In the meantime, thanks for stopping Bitcandy, where our attempted marriages of Stan Lee and 14th-century Epics never go this well. 

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