Best Tracks: Grizzly Bear "Sun in Your Eyes"


Oh shit son, we're back up in your ass with another round of BTN, where we bring you the Latest New Songs whether you like it or not.

And we think you'll like it more than you won't.

Anyways, today's track is the closer (and our favorite) off Grizzly Bear's newest album, Shields (check out our stellar review of it here).  Really the only new indie album release that we feel has really delivered in the last 3 months (besides Deerhoof).  And yes...St. Vincent / David Byrne, Cat Power, The, you didn't deliver.   

Listen to "Sun in Your Eyes" below:

This song is Grizzly Bear at their best, a sprawling, layered number that never quite goes where you expect it to.

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And if the clips on youtube are any indication, this could be a kickass show-ender as well.

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