Handsome Ghost's delicate, lovely acoustic folk is the soundtrack for the Springtime thaw!

Handsome Ghost's "Reckless Lover" was compared to crisp, star-filled winter nights when it first dropped in December of last year. Yes, the shimmering synths do evoke the feeling of staring at the sky, looking at a distant, glowing city skyline silhouetted against a pitch black sky.



There is a warmth, tenderness, and fragility to "Reckless Lover" that just begs to have the windows rolled down, to hear Timothy Noyes' airy vocals and intricate fingerpicked guitars riding on a breeze scented with lavender and lilac. It's more a soundtrack for letting down your guard than encapsulated in a hermetically-sealed container.

Handsome Ghost's "Reckless Lover" implies it's already too late for this particular relationship, as the narrative seems to be looking back and reflecting a departed lover. "Reckless Lover" serves as a warning and a reminder to appreciate what we have, when we have it, before we become handsome ghosts of our own.

We Are: The Guard recommend Handsome Ghost for fans of early Iron & Wine or Bon Iver, or anyone who's either mourning or celebrating a new love!


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