Best New Tracks: Icona Pop "I Love It"


When it comes to top indie (or indie pop), I can’t stop hitting repeat on this video by sexy Stockholm ladies Icona Pop for their latest new music, “I Love It.” What is it about Swedish chicks? It’s like they have a whole country of adorable women hiding up there, and they let some out every once in a while to make amazing pop songs.

Anyways, “I Love It” is the perfect mix of thumping electro and sassy, shoutable lyrics that are going to have everyone blasting it all summer long, and hopefully well into next year! Get ready to hear it dropped by every DJ ever. There’s no way to not throw your hands up in the air when Icona Pop is at the party! And the lyrics are criminally fun to sing along to. My favorite: “You’re from the seventies, but I’m a nineties bitch!” I’m an eighties bitch, but I’m in. Style Of Eye and Patrick Berger (Robyn’s latest hit, “Dancing On My Own”) produced this one, with the video by Frederick Etoall.

Give “I Love It” a listen below, and don’t try to tell me you weren’t bouncing around in your computer chair the whole time. I can see right through you.

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