Best Track: Infected Mushroom "Mambacore"


Apparently Israel can produce more than brilliant scientists, the world's fiercest military, breathtakingly gorgeous models, and exceptionally complex ethnic conflicts that dipshits in bars think could be solved if only someone would listen to them. They can also produce psytrance/electronica duo Infected Mushroom and their latest new song, "Mambacore."

In places "Mambacore" sounds like NIN meets EDM (even more so than How to Destroy Angels). The bass hits hard, heavy, and often on this number, practically demanding you to put on headphones and give it an in-depth listen. Depending on your taste or mood, this song is 6 letters that go together quite nicely.

But don't take my word for it, listen to "Mambacore" below:

"Mambacore" is the lead single off Infected Mushroom's new EP, Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 1 which is out now via the fine folks over at Dim Mak Records.

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