Best New Tracks: J. Cole "I'm a Fool"


The landscape for music has changed so very much over the past 5-10 years that it's hard to remember that music hasn't always been so accessible, interactive, and fan-friendly.

Where once people had to call in to the local radio station and wait on hold for several minutes just for the chance of requesting to hear a specific song, nowadays fans can simply take to twitter and next thing you know, J. Cole is personally e-mailing them his Latest New Songs.

(No seriously, that's what actually happened.)

Granted it doesn't always work that way, but it did this time with Cole's highly anticipated single, "I'm a Fool."

Listen to and download it below:

Cole's flow glides smoothly over the sample of Cee-Lo's "Fool for You." Still no word on what's next for Cole, but if this is a sample of things to come, then we need to have more fans hitting him up for new music on twitter daily.

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